LSE wins Red Hat as global customer for its authentication solution LinOTP

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LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, the leading manufacturer of connection technologies for vendor independent logon security and identity management, announced today that Red Hat has turned to LSE LinOTP as their solution provider for secure logon and remote access. Following an extensive evaluation cycle, Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, decided to use LSE LinOTP due to the advantages of a vendor independent solution, such as flexibility, versatile adaptivity and the possibilities of significant cost savings.

“We were really pleased with how well documented and adaptable the LSE LinOTP solution is,” said Lee Congdon, CIO and vice president of IT, Red Hat. “The vendor independent concept of LinOTP allows for new approaches to the supply of tokens. In addition, we can allow employees who already hold a supported OTP token to continue to use it with LinOTP. It’s a great solution for implementing our ‘Bring Your Own Token’ program. ”

Dr. Peter Schill, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at LSE, values Red Hat’s choice as an encouraging confirmation of LSE’s product strategy: “It is our declared goal, to keep LinOTP on the backend as modular and flexible as possible, in order to allow our customers the biggest thinkable freedom in the design of their authentication strategy. We strongly believe that with new technologies on the rise, such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and Biometry, and with requirements based on users’ needs like e. g. Bring Your Own Device, it is precisely this kind of versatility that will become a core feature of authentication products for the next two decades.“

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