LSE launches new optical TAN procedure LinOTP QR-TAN

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LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH announced today, that following the first successful productive installation in December 2012 LinOTP QR-TAN is now officially available to the market. Secure Online Banking cannot be easier.

LSE LinOTP QR-TAN comes as a natural evolution of the well-proven, vendor independent authentication backend LSE LinOTP. Owing to the highly modular and flexible architecture of LSE LinOTP, the QR-TAN procedure could be easily defined and implemented as a variant of the new OCRA token class. In accordance with LSE conventions the QR-TAN procedure fully relies on open standards instead of proprietary solutions.

LSE LinOTP QR-TAN positions itself as an alternative to mTAN and ChipTAN procedures and is suitable for all banks and financial institutions. The basic principle of the procedure lies in displaying the transaction data in form of a QR code and the use of a specially developed QR-TAN App. The biggest advantage for online banking customers lies in the scanning of the QR code which can easily be carried out even at some distance from the display or from slightly diagonal angles. An external report testifies the high security level of LinOTP QR-TAN, a benchmark achieved by the use of a sophisticated registration and activation process of the Smartphone App, signed data packets within the QR-Code as well as waiving any communication via insecure GSM connections.

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