LSE Smart Virtual Appliance 1.2 and LinOTP 2.7.1

LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH is proud to announce the general availability (GA) of the following new product releases:

  1. LSE LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance 1.2
  2. LSE LinOTP 2.7.1.

We are happy to provide LinOTP 2.7 from now also to our customers running LSE LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliances.

You will find the entire changelogs on Here we want to mention some highlights:

LinOTP 2.7.1

LinOTP received many improvements in usability and work flow.
This is only a selection of improvements, please also refer to the full changelog on

  • LinOTP 2.7.1 now fully supports the handling of LSE LinOTP support and subscription licenses.
  • The PIN dialog was integrated with the enrollment dialog and is conditional according to your policies (e.g. random pin).
  • Saving the Token Config is now also possible with only one part changed.
  • The mechanisms to translate LinOTP were improved and extended, especially in the LinOTP Selfservice.
  • The information boxes now stack to prevent an important messages from being overwritten. These messages can be acknowledged together.
  • The overall design was improved and made more consistent.
  • New and improved softtokens like FreeOTP are better integrated and the WebUI and LinOTP Selfservice
  • were improved to better support the features offered by OATH softtokens beyond the Google Authenticator.
  • The native handling of Yubikeys was improved by supporting resync and uppercase OTPs.
  • The Active Directory UserIDResolver was improved to use objectGUID as the default UIDType.
  • Added configuration options to selectively disable parts of LinOTP (manage, selfservice, validate) to improve security or management in complex HA setups.
  • The audit data can now be written to log file before it is rotated.

Highlights for customers upgrading from LinOTP EE

  • Improved Oracle database support,
  • memory usage optimization,
  • improved database handling for the audit log,
  • extended CLI toolset.


We are already working on the next releases and want to give a small peak on what is coming up.

  • Remote Self Service
  • SMS/E-Mail Token Auto-Enrollment

LSE LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance 1.2

The LSE Smart Virtual Appliance (SVA) received big improvements in the
installation process, usability and the backend.

The Configuration Management was improved to make changes more visible and
to improve the usability. There is now a clear indication of changes needed to be
saved and activated. An info bar appears and the ‘Configuration Management’ Tab
is highlighted until the changes are saved and activated.

The WebUI of the LSE LinOTP SVA is now fully translatable and also available in German.
The language will be chosen based on browser languages.

The installation wizard saw substantial improvements. More settings are preset
from the installed system and more of the input is checked for errors. The
activation step of the wizard was completely rewritten and is now faster and
more robust.

There are many improvements in the WebUI which stem from customer input to
improve the workflow of administration and management of the SVA.

LinOTP 2.7.1 is available in our repositories on and for customers
running LinOTP on the LSE LinOTP Smart Virtual Appliance using the integrated
upgrade mechanisms. All our releases are QA tested. Should you encounter any
issues within the upgrade process, please contact us. (

If you have any question regarding the new releases, we are happy to answer
and support your inquiries. (