LSE announces a number of new product updates for multi-factor authentication

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Germany-based LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, a holding of MAX21 Management und Beteiligungen AG (stock market symbol: MA1, ISIN: DE000A0D88T9), will expand its family of adaptive multi-factor authentication products during the second quarter of 2016. Among other updates, an offline authentication facility will be gradually integrated into the product suite. Unlike conventional OTP tokens, this new approach enables strong authentication even without a direct connection to the LSE LinOTP server.

LSE LinOTP Offline Authentication

This cross-product feature will allow companies to provide mobile workers with a secure form of offline authentication. This is particularly relevant for employees who travel a lot, or who work abroad without a direct connection to the company’s network and thus the backend OTP server. “Previously, secure two-factor authentication methods with OTP were limited to devices with a permanent network connection. Now mobile devices such as notebook computers can also be protected with real and cryptographically valid multifactor authentication schemes,” says Sven Walther, Managing Director and CTO of LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH.

Unlike other solutions being marketed, the process developed by LSE does not require secret material to be stored on the system being authenticated. The feature will become available to customers during the second quarter of 2016 through update releases of LSE LinOTP, LSE LinOTP authentication providers, and the new LSE LinOTP multi-token app.

LSE LinOTP Multi-Token App: OATH compliant

The LSE LinOTP multi-token app is an integral component of the new LinOTP family of offline authentication products. In addition to the LSE LinOTP QR token, the multi-token app supports tokens for OATH TOTP and HOTP and is therefore compatible with all OATH-based systems (like Google, Dropbox, Github, and many others). Access to the app’s data is password-protected by default. Key data can be transmitted in conjunction with LinOTP in a separately protected secure roll-out process. Initially, this solution will be available for iOS and Android.

RPM packages for simplified installation of Red Hat-based systems

During the second quarter of 2016, LSE will provide its customers with LinOTP repositories containing RPM packages. This expands the support of packaged deployment to systems based on RHEL 7 and RHEL 6. The installation for Red Hat-based systems will be streamlined and allows faster deployment using various optimized configuration templates. The LSE LinOTP RPM packages for RHEL 6/7-based systems supplement the LSE range of packages for Debian “Jessie” 8, Ubuntu 12.04, and Ubuntu 14.04.

LSE LinOTP authentication provider for Microsoft Windows and OS X®

In the course of regular product updates, the family of LSE LinOTP authentication providers will expand to include the OS X® operating system in addition to the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, and for the first time offer OS X® strong offline authentication with access to LSE LinOTP. The LSE LinOTP authentication provider for Microsoft Windows will be enhanced to allow a direct connection of the LinOTP API via encrypted channels based on HTTPS.

About LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH

Since its establishment in 2002, LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, based in Darmstadt / Weiterstadt, has made a name for itself as a leading manufacturer in the field of login security and user authentication as well as a provider of consulting services in the security industry. Within the company there are two independent operating divisions: The first division specializes in adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) and the specially developed open-source LSE LinOTP technology, the second division provides penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and code review services. Customers of LSE include national and international corporate customers, financial institutions, government agencies, and small and medium-sized enterprises. LSE is a part of the listed MAX21 group of companies (MA1).

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