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February 14th is I love Free Software Day, a campaign organised by the Free Software Foundation Europe. We at KeyIdentity want to show our appreciation for the Free Software community too.

Free Software is a fundamental building block of the development tools we use, and also of our open source authentication products. So on this day we would like to express our thanks to all the contributors of free software projects. And in particular, contributors of those projects we use on a daily basis. Keep up the good work! 

  • Project Jupyter ( “I love Jupyter Notebook, since it helps me to keep track of my projects. I often do not have large blocks of time to work on a single project, so Jupyter allows me to use one tool in which I can write down my thoughts as markup, as well as snippets of code, and keep track of the results in progress by keeping them in a persistent state. For me, it’s the best tool I have started using in the last 6 months” – Amir Alsbih
  • Debian GNU/Linux ( Debian project is about making free software accessible to as many users as possible. Debian is a modern, powerful Linux distribution, developed by an open collaboration of hundreds of volunteers worldwide. At KeyIdentity we use Debian to power many of our servers and development workstations. We also have Debian developers on staff who help with packaging software according to Debian standards, in order to ensure compatibility and contribute back to the wider community of Debian users” – Anselm Lingnau, Chris Halls
  • Python (“The Python ecosystem is akin to “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” for us as developers. It helps us to solve our challenges and easily maintain the solutions. Many thanks to all the giants!” – Kay Winkler
  • Arch Linux ( “Having had little knowledge of Linux when I started using Arch, I found the ArchWiki was a reassuring companion that helped me countless times and taught me a lot. For me as a user, the thoroughness and quality of the documentation is one of this distro’s strongest points. I want to thank the Arch Linux community for their amazing effort in not only maintaining software, but also taking the time to document it in such a user friendly way” – Ana Barroso
  • Visual Studio Code ( “I would like to thank Microsoft for giving developers all around the world this light and fast IDE. Also thanks to all the people who contributed to VS Code by developing plugins” – Reinhard Stampp
  • Mozilla Firefox ( “Hands-down THE best browser available. Thanks for releasing Version 57 (Quantum) and bringing back the speed!” – Andreas Bauer, Kay Winkler
  • VIM ( “Vim has been my constant companion for 10 years. A mysterious enigma at first, it soon became my favorite programming tool. The rich set of commands allows you to edit your code at impressive speed. Even after all these years of experience, I still stumble upon useful features that were unknown to me. It really is a marvellous thing” – Fabian Vallon
  • KDE Desktop ( “I’ve been using KDE for almost 20 years now. It’s changed quite a bit over the years, but has stayed my firm favourite desktop all this time. Thanks guys!” – Chris Halls
  • Jenkins ( “I really like this awesome multi-tool. I enables building or compiling for nearly every programming language on so many platforms. Oh, and it’s great for automating tasks!” – Andreas Bauer
  • Terminator ( “Thanks for making my life a little bit easier! Great tool to have multiple tabs or multiple terminals in one window, to keep track of parallel tasks.” – Oliver Kohl

Other Free Software we use regularly and are also very thankful for:

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