GitLab + GitLab Runner (Pitfalls and Good Practices)

Recently we started using GitLab including the CI/CD features here at KeyIdentity. During the first weeks we stumbled upon some issues, which can make it a bit hard to get it up and running. Our Setup includes a GitLab Server installed via Omnibus ( and some GitLab-runners within docker. In addition, we are using a docker registry which requires authentication for pull and push. In this article we wanted to share how, we solved problems, when setting up the CI/CD system of GitLab.

1) Using own CA or a self-signed certificate on GitLab and trying to connect a GitLab-runner to it

You may see an error like this, when trying to register the runner:
x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
Fix it by adding the “–tls-ca-file” parameter to the gitlab-runner register command. Continue reading GitLab + GitLab Runner (Pitfalls and Good Practices)