How to use LinOTP best and make it even more reliable

There is always room for improvement after the initial setup of LinOTP. In this blog post we will show you how to optimize LinOTP and make it even more reliable!

1) Redundancy – have multiple LinOTP servers!

LinOTP is a crucial component of your authentication infrastructure. It must be resistant to failures and provide responsiveness. Both requirements are easy to achieve by having multiple LinOTP servers set up.

All LinOTP-related information is stored in a database of your choice. If the database technology supports several parallel clients, you should be running multiple LinOTP instances. All authentication operations performed and all configuration changes will then be known to each of the LinOTP servers due to the shared database. Of course the database should be redundant as well to avoid a single point of failure.  Continue reading How to use LinOTP best and make it even more reliable

KeyIdentity LinOTP 2.10 released

KeyIdentity LinOTP 2.10 ist released und bringt viele Verbesserungen, neue Features und Bugfixes! Die Changelogs finden Sie am Ende des Artikels; alle Highlights im Überblick:

  • Neues Feature: Voice Token

LinOTP 2.10 bringt nun die Unterstützung für Voice-Token mit. Damit steht neben den bereits bekannten Challenge-Response-Token (bspw. KeyIdentity Push Token, SMS Token) eine weitere, barrierefreie, Möglichkeit zur Verfügung, OTPs an ihre Verwender zu übermitteln. Aktuell wird Twilio als Voicetokenprovider unterstützt. Der für die Voicetokennutzung vorausgesetzte Voice Challenge Service wird allen Kunden zur Verfügung gestellt. Details zum Voice Challenge Service können von bezogen werden.

  • Neues Feature: MFA Absicherung des Selfservice-Portals

Das Selfservice-Portal kann nun zusätzlich durch MFA abgesichert werden. Dies ist insbesondere nützlich für Umgebungen Continue reading KeyIdentity LinOTP 2.10 released

MFA – save time by switching to LinOTP today

Regarding MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) the well-known administrator mantra “Never change a running system” is not accurate anymore, given today’s speed of IT technology development. In fact, regular changes have become a necessity to keep up with competitive markets. This is particularly true, if the new technology is driven by steady development to avoid unnecessary issues in the foreseeable future.

LinOTP brings substantial benefits for MFA-backed environments. It has no token vendor lock-in, it is open source and API-first developed. It is easy to set up and to integrate in the first place – it takes only about half a day in a standard environment. And we make sure that transitions from existing MFA solutions to LinOTP are stable, fast and painless for architects as well as for the performing administrators and the users.

Continue reading MFA – save time by switching to LinOTP today